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Next Facebook Live Sale!

Hello MSSA Followers! Thank you again to all of you who joined me for my very first Facebook Live Sale last month. Once I worked through my nerves and the technical part, it was actually a lot of fun! So I am doing it again this Sunday the 20th at 4:00 PDT! This time it will be all earrings. I have tons of inventory; lots of silver and copper varieties as well as many colorful enamel sets. Something that I like to do before we get started is give a little studio demo. I thought it would be appropriate this time to show you how I hand-form my sterling silver ear wires. These are the ear wires I use on...

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New: Virtual Shopping Appointments

I mentioned in my last post how absent I have been from my business, from the market and how I am so happy to be getting back into it. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be back at the market surrounded by many of the awesome artists and crafts that inhabit the North Arcade! While it is a great feeling to be back, it certainly is missing something - the majority of the tourists. It's hard for me, and I know it's hard for you too. Travel is a tricky thing in a pandemic. We are all having to pivot and adjust to our new reality. So how do we stay in touch? What if I could...

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MSSA Designs Jewelry is back at Pike Place Market!

I'm sure many of you have been missing travel, shopping, and just going about normal life. Me too! I have spent the quarantine in Mexico staying isolated in paradise - such a strange experience! While I was away, Pike Place Market was closed and I pretty much had to shut my business down temporarily. I was in Mexico, the shipping options are very expensive and unreliable, and frankly, I didn't quite know how to 'BE'. A sentiment shared by many.  So I returned to Seattle last week and ventured back into my jewelry business. And I am so happy! I forgot how much I loved creating, hanging out at the market with my market family, and I am ecstatic to...

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