MSSA Designs Jewelry is back at Pike Place Market!

MSSA Designs Jewelry is back at Pike Place Market!

I'm sure many of you have been missing travel, shopping, and just going about normal life. Me too! I have spent the quarantine in Mexico staying isolated in paradise - such a strange experience! While I was away, Pike Place Market was closed and I pretty much had to shut my business down temporarily. I was in Mexico, the shipping options are very expensive and unreliable, and frankly, I didn't quite know how to 'BE'. A sentiment shared by many. 

So I returned to Seattle last week and ventured back into my jewelry business. And I am so happy! I forgot how much I loved creating, hanging out at the market with my market family, and I am ecstatic to be reconnecting with my customer family. You all are super amazing and supportive. 

To be honest though, the amount of customers that we are getting at the market is a far cry from what is normal. The amount of vendors too. We haven't all made it back yet. And to be honest, with social distancing, there isn't really room for all of us to come back yet. I am going to be present at the Market on Fridays and Saturdays through the month of September, then I will be returning to isolation in Mexico for a while. Not too long, but the good news is I have a local solution to ship from Seattle so the website will be up and running during my absence! That's great news for you if you need to order something while I'm away. I have tons of inventory. I am happy to connect with you via email or messenger if you are looking for something specific.

Stay safe and well!


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